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Winning the Race of Getting a Quality Domain Name

Did you think that the only competitors you had to worry about were those that had a similar product to yours? Well, think again. You find competition in all aspects of the business. Whether it be getting the best raw material or the best fleet for the supply chain, you are always fighting to get a better share of the limited resources.

The spirit of competition also exists in domain name registration.

But, first Web Hosting!

Before you start your search for domain name ideas, you must first begin by choosing a quality cloud hosting service. All Canadian Cloud Web Hosting best companies have one thing in common- they charge a price. You might be tempted to opt for a free web hosting service. We will tell you not to. This is because the USA web hosting service you choose governs the quality of your website. You don’t want to be out of the competition before it has even started, would you? Avoid cheap web hosting and gain your footing from the get-go.

Getting the best domain names

Domain names matter. They are just as much part of your branding process as is your logo and company name. Let’s say you invest in types of domain names and domains extension that is seldom heard of. What are the chances that your customers are going to remember it? This is why it is important to invest in a quality domain name. Getting a popular gTLD name isn’t easy.

What is gTLD name? It is a group of top-level domains (TLD) extensions that are known to be generic. This includes .com, .net, and .gov, etc. Do you think that getting your desired premium domains is easy? After all, you look up domain name at Domain Whois or other domains name generator. And you pick your favorite one, right?


There are various other businesses fighting for the same domain names. The chances are that the one you want is already taken. If this occurs, you might want to do either of the following:

  • Look for a new name.
  • Get a broker to make a deal with the current owner.
  • Wait for the domain name to expire so that you can take it. This depends on the prices domain have. Generally, premium ones get registered for years.


Be creative with your domain name. This way you might end up getting it. The competition for popular names is high. Decide whether the name is worth it or not.

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